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E1E creates the strategies to bring new products to market for people to manage health.

The Mumoactive diabetes app came first. It won “Diabetes Management Platform of The Year 2018,” is on the NHS apps library and is hosted by the Mumo Platform – a secure, NHS Business Partner, SAAS cloud service. The Platform creates the possibility to disrupt digital health.

Mumo Circles is next: a secure data wallet where people can store and share their secure documents and data and integrate with Apple Health. It’s like a bank account for your health information. And people control what goes in and comes out of their wallet.

We’re creating a new communications category in digital health. Share any health information you want, anywhere in the world, with anyone you choose.

Have 5 minutes? Take a look at how our research shows the future of digital health is in the consumer space. Currently only 15% of digital health solutions are for consumer. Most are sold into health enterprise. We can transform digital health by building for consumers.


Here’s a link to security and governance information on the Mumo Platform.